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Whether your firm or business has a few employees or several hundred; having a clean work space is vital to keeping things well maintained. Due to our years of experience and having state of the art cleaning equipment, we strongly believe that Bomar offers the highest quality of office and building cleaning in the area.

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Bomar Commercial Cleaning has helped both businesses and individuals keep their offices and entire buildings clean and properly maintained. In the recent past, the need of hiring cleaning professionals has increased because of the ability to providing customized cleaning packages. In fact, hiring a commercial cleaning company is not a luxury as it used to be in the past, but a necessity. There are several advantages associated with the services provided by our company for your office or building.

The primary objective of hiring us is to keep your work area as organized and clean as possible. People visit your office or business, and level of cleanliness of the space delivers a message to your clients, investors, and friends. Our professional services will make sure to clean dirty carpets and shabby interiors of your office as a way of creating a positive image for yourself, employees and visitors.

Another great thing about Bomar is that we use modern and latest tools and equipment to enhance our work. This ensures that not only are you getting the highest level of cleaning but also finishing on time. This allows us to provide quality work in the shortest time possible. The specialized equipment they use enables them to clean any part of a building, even hard to reach areas.

Cleaning your office properly is a way of enhancing productivity since employees enjoy working in a clean environment. When your office is arranged in an orderly manner, where files and papers are arranged perfectly, then it’s obvious that your employees will work to their maximum potential. Therefore, if you want to increase productivity in your office or company, you must hire professional cleaners because they’ll ensure the entire place is clean and everything arranged in order.

Since we are experienced and skilled in this type of work, we can handle with care office furniture, fixtures and fittings as well as the entire spaces. Issues that may arise during our work is addressed in advance, and hence losses and accidents are prevented. Furthermore,  our company has experts from different sectors who clean various items found in an office like electronics, furnishings and also carpets. This allows us to provide the best possible cleaning service in the area.

When choosing Bomar, your employees are able to focus on the core duties of the office. You’ll no longer assign cleaning tasks to your employees since professionals will be handling it. In this case, the work of your staff is not disrupted, meaning they can utilize maximum time to accomplish their duties.

We are flexible when it comes to scheduling our services. It’s mainly done on a weekly or monthly basis, but in some instances, it can be done on a daily basis. The rate will be determined after surveying the area and figuring out how many times per month it will need to be cleaned.

If you are interested in maintaining the exterior parts of the building, we can also provide this service. It’s not a wise idea to clean the interior parts and leave the exterior and the surrounding areas. The exterior appearance of an office building creates an impact on the mind of visitors and customers on the nature of services they are likely to be offered. Therefore, to ensure that a positive message is sent to your clients, visitors and investors, we make sure the exterior of the building housing your office and surrounding areas is just as clean as the interior.

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Since we established our company, our goal has always been to provide the cleanest environment and keep our clients happy with our work.

We truly stand by the work that we do and care about making sure your facility is absolutely spotless.


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